School support staff keep children safe and healthy

Children need to be in a safe and healthy environment to flourish. There are many people who work together to make this happen: supervisors; crossing patrol officers; child protection officers; cleaners; caretakers; janitors; catering staff; and parent support advisers. 

School support staff help children learn

Great teachers combined with great support staff equals students who excel. There are many types of support staff that help children learn: teaching and classroom assistants; learning support assistants; learning mentors; librarians; science technicians; ICT technicians; food technicians; and design and technology technicians. 

School support staff keep schools running smoothly

Schools are complex organisations that need to be managed with the utmost precision. School support staff do this. They are the school business managers; cover supervisors; examination officers; school attendance officers; admin assistants; finance officers; and secretaries.

We know that there are hundreds of different roles and job titles within schools. Please help us to represent everyone by telling us about your job here – especially if you don’t often see it listed!