On Friday 24 November 2017 we'll be celebrating the Stars in Our Schools. Have a look at the resources below to see how they can help in your celebrations. 

Stars in Our Schools goodies 

Canvas bags, mugs, pencils, pads, tin badges and paper bags in the sparkly gold and purple campaign design are ready for you to order direct from TC Branding. Or scroll down for free downloadable resources. 

UNISON branches can order the branded items on this page to raise the profile of their celebrations of school support staff. To order these items please contact TC Branding direct by emailing: unison@tc-group.co.uk or calling 01844 275 700. (Final artwork may vary slightly from the images shown.)

Prices vary according to quantities ordered and minimum order requirements apply. Delivery takes several weeks so hurry up and place your order to avoid disappointment. Click here to view all the items and find out how to order.

Click here to find out how to order all the goodies above. Why not download some of the resources below too?

A guide to celebrating school support staff

Everything you need to know about celebrating the stars in your school.

A template letter to email your MP

Let them know why you care about school support staff


Template press release

Fill in your information and send this to your local paper to publicise your event. 

Poster template (Word document)

Use this Stars in Our Schools poster template to add details of your event and stick around your school. 


Make your appreciation official - give the stars in your school a certificate. 

A Stars in Our Schools UNISON quiz

Download the quiz and test yourself and your colleagues

Email header 

Download this email header. 


Star graphic

Use this graphic on your Stars in Our Schools materials.

Social media graphic

Want to show your love for the stars in your school online? Create a social media graphic by adapting this powerpoint slide to include your school's details. Promote your event, or send out a message of support (the file will download when you click on it).

Photo opportunity

Download and print A3 signs for photo opportunities.

Sticker - for the stars

Download these stickers so that everyone knows who the stars are on the day.

UNISON branches can order in bulk via the online catalogue. Stock number 3488.

Sticker - support the stars 

Wear your support for school staff on your sleeve, or your collar, or anywhere you like really. 

UNISON branches can order in bulk via the online catalogue. Stock number 3490.

Leaflet: What is a trade union? 

If you'd like to let people know what UNISON is all about, download and print this leaflet. 

Join UNISON form

Not a member of UNISON yet, or know someone who would benefit from joining? Here's the form. 

Useful links and information on career development

Visit UNISON's Skills for Schools website for useful links and more information on career development.